Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Everything Seems to be Okay

In a Borderline world of chaios being okay is a wonderful thing. Yeah my marriage has had it's ups and downs the last week or so, but it's okay and I have used some skills to get through it. I have really been able to use my wise mind and non-judgemental thinking skills the last couple of weeks. There have been a couple of snags that could of been very big and troublesome to me, but I was able to choose to use some skills and they didn't end up amounting to much.
I joined a group at our local gym and am working on getting fit and improving my overall health. I never before realized how much exercise improves ones mood, but man it sure makes a difference. This is MY year! My year to succeed and do great things. I will accomplish a lot this year, it may not be anything big, but it will be something! Great things are going to happen I just know it :-)

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