Thursday, December 30, 2010

Think Positive....Things Are Bound To Get Better!!!

Well, I can finally say that it's ok to rest and things should get better. We got everything moved out of our old apartment today. Yes, there was fighting and arguments, but I was able to use my DBT skills to help get me through the day. A visit from my mom also helped as she was able to keep the kiddos entertained. I feel a bit more at ease this evening as I know we won't be under pressure to get things moved. The house should get a little calmer as we get everything in it's place.
On a much different note my husband should be able to work this weekend if we get the snow they are talking about. Money is such an issue with both of us being home and that is one of my biggest worries. I want nothing more than to be able to provide for my family.
Since I have been taking my medicine regularly it is starting to build up in my system, thus I have been having a few side effects. Nothing major, just a shaky left hand. I did read that a side effect of Wellbutrin is weight loss, this makes me happy as I might be able to get back down to a healthier weight.
Tonight I pray for safety with those traveling for the new years as the roads could get quite slick. I hope that everyone has a happy New Year and drives responsibly!


  1. Whitney
    Before I came to accept Jesus as my savior in my life, I was diagnosed with PTSD, Manic Depression, Borderline personality disorder, Bi-polar disorder, with co dependecy issues and so much more.
    I honestly would suggest seeing a christian counselor because part of the issues are spiritually based. With that said, Im not saying medicine doesnt work, it does. I was on several different meds until my doc figured out the right combination.
    Call or text me, Id love to have coffee with you sometime.

  2. Hey Heather,
    Thanks for sharing :) I am seeing a Christian counselor at the present time; however, she will be leaving in a few weeks so I will start seeing a new one and I dont know if she will be a Christian or not. I do think that is definitely a area that I need to work on :) Have a very happy New Year and we will have to get together sometime!

  3. I'm glad everything is moved to your new apartment. Moving is such a stressful process! What does DBT stand for? I hope you have a nice evening and a Happy New Year!

  4. Amy,
    DBT is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Basically it's a group therapy that I have committed to attend for 15 weeks. In group we learn about different skills to help with the behaviors that come along with BPD. Thus far it has been a great tool for me in managing my behaviors. Hope you have a very Happy New Year!